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Final Fantasy VII Remake Collaboration with Mobius Final Fantasy

With the worldwide release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue releasedTetsuya Nomura assures the fans that development for the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going smoothly, but the release for the game, as well as Kingdom Hearts III, is still a while away.

Cloud debuts in Mobius Final Fantasy

English voice actor Steve Burton also returns to play Cloud

Square Enix has announced that their smartphone title, Mobius Final Fantasy, will be coming to Steam in the west on February 6th. With the release on Steam, the game will feature full HD support which will work with various screen sizes. To promote this PC release, a special campaign is going on right now called “Mobius Final Fantasy Windows PC Version Global Release Campaign” which will give out rewards to players depending on how many likes and shares the game obtains on Facebook.

Mobius Final Fantasy featuring Cloud with Buster Sword

In addition, starting February 7th, a Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration will begin in the game, which will see players joining Cloud as he goes astray in Palamecia. Besides Steam, this mobile game is available on the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Source: Siliconera